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asked questions

What video sites are accepted?

The following video sites are accepted as submissions: YouTube, Twitch Clip, Google Drive, Streamable, One Drive, Twitter,,,,,,

Please avoid using Dropbox, WeTransfer and Samsung cloud sharing as sometimes the links expire to view the video.
Please avoid TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Short videos as they're the wrong format and poor quality.

How does the credit system work?

GameSprout will credit any suitable social media platforms you wish. Provide any link in the ‘Channel URL’ section.

How do I submit my Xbox clip(s)?

You can grab your Xbox saved clips directly from or by entering your Gamertag and copying the Video URL into the submission form.

How do I find my channel URL?

On Desktop:
1. From the YouTube homepage, click on My Channel.
2. Copy your channel link from your web browser address bar.
3. Paste into submission form.

On Mobile:
1. Tap your account icon
2. Go to My Channel.
3. At the top right of your channel page, tap the Menu button.
4. Tap Share and then Copy Link.

I have a clip on my PlayStation, how do I upload?

1. Press the SHARE button, and then select [Video Clip] to save the video clip.
2. Select an online service.
3. Select a video clip.
4. Edit the video clip.
Select [Trim] to edit a video clip¡s start point and end point. You can also add comments or limit who can see what you share.
5. Select [Share].

I received a message on reddit, was it you?

‘GameSprout’ is the official Reddit account.

My question isn’t here...

Please tweet us @GameSprout with your question.

Welcome to

You’re obviously very interested in GameSprout if you’ve scrolled down this far or you’re very bored.
Perhaps you have now watched a video on the channel and want to submit a video of your own.
GameSprout welcomes any video game, any platform.
You’ll be credited for every clip submitted and a link of your choice. GameSprout gives the opportunity to showcase your clip(s) to a wider audience.

GameSprout was created by two schoolmates back in 2008 (previously PS3Comedy).
We recorded gameplay commentaries and montages of Call of Duty and Halo.
Gaining 1000 subscribers felt like a huge milestone in the early days of YouTube. It wasn’t until later in 2011 when we decided to put together compilations of submitted clips, due to the demand of people wanting to promote their own videos.

Check the stats below to see how far channel has grown!

3.5+ Million YouTube Subscribers
Over 1.5 Billion Video Views
Over 500 different games featured