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Live the life of a brigand! Ambush taxmen, greedy merchants and corrupt priests to support your cause! Or simply to enlarge your hoard...


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Design Document


PC, developed with Unity 3d

Core Mechanics
The base idea of the game will be to organize ambushes.

The base game will have elements from Atom Zombie Smasher mixed with Telepath Tactics (for the action) and Sid Meier Pirates (for the management of the crew).

2 different stages like Sang-froid.
- Planning
- Action

Base board
- Decide where to put traps and where to hide your units
- Timing your attacks and decide your tactic
- Rob, flee and survive

World Board
- Place and defend your hideout
- Hire and manage your brigands
- Search for the better trade routes
Look and Feel
The environment will be 2d with an orthogonal map (like original Lord of the Realms - first title).

The story will be like robin hood, with some elements similar to Sid Meier Pirates.

Sound and music will be orchestral, adventurous and maybe epic.
Your Favorite Thing
A tactical game of stealth and cunning where fight won't be the best solution.