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Legend of the Phour

4 player co-op, 2D action/adventure RPG with a persistent world & puzzle elements. 8 playable characters from different time periods.


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Mobile, Ouya (if possible), PC, PS4/PSN

Core Mechanics
Class-based, Teamwork oriented, action focused gameplay. Hack n' slash combat similar to Devil May Cry, gun-based combat, magic, gadgets, etc. Players will be able to jump, fly, attack and execute other special moves and abilities while making their way through levels, bosses and solving puzzles.

8 playable characters from different time periods offering a variety of skillsets. Each pair of characters will be from a different time period, but can be mixed & match gain bonuses based on their strengths and weaknesses. Characters level up and gain new skills.
Look and Feel
Cel-shaded and somewhat stylized but with a dark/gritty tone. Various particle effects and vibrant colors for special moves/abilities to add a layer of excitement. Fluid animations and seamless transitions between attacks, movement, etc. Tight controls and responsive combat, lively and highly interactable environments to make encounters more interesting.
Your Favorite Thing
Ever wondered what it'd be like to be a part of a persistent world action/adventure RPG with 3 of your friends? Freedom to experiment with combat tactics and exploration, work together to ake down massive enemies, find hidden relics and fufill your destiny!